Battlefield 3 Also Available on Xbox 360 and PS3

Battlefield 3 Available on Xbox 360 and PS3

A PC release of Battlefield 3 was a given, that’s where the franchise made it’s name.  And while an Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game seemed almost assured, now you can put any worries you had to rest as it is official.

Battlefield 3 will launch this fall on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

The PC version will be the superior version of the three.  The first major difference is that the PC version will contain 64 player multiplayer, while the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be restricted to 24 player rooms due to more limited specs.

PC’s superior horsepower will also net much improved graphics, as EA will be forced to dial back the Frostbite 2 engine by quite a bit to make it work with the Xbox 360 and PS3.  EA has been really talking up the ultra realistic graphics of Battlefield 3, though they’ve backed off those statements a bit in the console versions of the game.

Of course, the console versions of the game have a few advantages of their own, including the ability to play while reclining on the couch and to be connected via Xbox Live (part system!) or PSN while playing.

The verdict is still out on dedicated servers at this point, so it remains to be seen if that will be another advantage for the PC.